We work together with the National Basketball League in the design of its graphic pieces, websites and applications.


National Basketball


  • UX/UI Design
  • Graphic Design

The new management of the Association of Basketball Clubs of Argentine brought with it a long-term strategic plan that allows to move towards a sport-show philosophy. The changes that were carried forward in the last seasons of La Liga were not only aesthetic and organizational but were accompanied by a whole new structure of work. The results are optimal and were reflected in a higher quality in all areas that cross the competition: graphic, stadiums, clothing, digital content, sponsors and press to name a few.

Our working relationship with La Liga began in the 2016 season and we integrated our work team mainly by providing our graphic design services, user experience design and interface design.

La Liga generates hundreds of daily charts on matches, results, statistics achieved by players, ephemeris, announcements and other issues which are published on their website, on social networks, are sent to the press and fans of the competition. The designers of our agency were in charge of generating many of these graphic pieces to feed the stream of content generation of the competition.

We also make designs for the La Liga application through which fans follow results, read news and watch live broadcasts of matches. We were also in charge of the design and development of other microsites and landings of programs about the competition and particular events.

Thousands of fans follow La Liga matches through their streaming service

Finally we were in charge of remaking La Liga Contenidos, the multimedia portal of the competition. In it all the games of the last seasons are hosted, compact with the best plays, photo gallery and own production programs. We proposed and carried out a redesign from scratch of the platform, giving rise in the future to streaming, the great bet of La Liga in the future.